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We are the world-leading spices supplier from Indonesia, committed to bringing the best and freshest products the world could expect from the Land of Spices.


The Best Feast Starts from the Spices.
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Creating delicious dishes does not require rare, expensive ingredients. Fresh, high-quality spices can elevate the simplest dishes into masterpieces.

Whether you are a restaurateur, a chef, a food truck owner, or having any kind of culinary business, ask yourself these: are you tired of mediocre, tasteless, low-quality spices? Are you not satisfied with the quality of spices from your regular stores? Are you looking for the best global spices supplier to boost your culinary business?

If your answers are “Yes”, look no further than Indonesia. We bring you the freshest, most exceptional products from the Land of Spices itself.

Our Story

Why Indonesian Spices?

Since ancient times, Indonesia has been famous for its spices. The emerald archipelago produces the best spices the world has ever seen, from Sumatra to Java and even smaller islands like Maluku, Sumba, and Bangka Belitung. Their rich flavors and aroma make them the dream ingredients of chefs worldwide, creating strong flavor foundations for countless recipes.

Indonesian spices turn every dish into a wonderful feast, opening many possibilities for professional chefs and culinary business owners. From the fragrant cloves to exotic nutmegs and fiery red chili peppers, we commit to delivering only the best products to customers worldwide.

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Fresh & Healthy

100% Organic

The spices that you need.

Our spices portfolio covers a wide range of popular Indonesian spices you can use to cook traditional and modern dishes. Every product we sell is carefully selected and screened to ensure that every customer gets only the best quality.

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