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Surprising Benefits of Coriander Linked to Your Health

The benefits of coriander are as abundant as its culinary uses. Read on to learn more about the health properties coriander has.

Coriander has long been used to spice up various international dishes. Aside from the same plant as cilantro, the spice has much to offer beyond flavor. Some studies have shown the many beneficial compounds in these round, tiny seeds. Learn more about the benefits of coriander by scrolling down further!

health benefits of coriander

Coriander: 7 Health Benefits of Consuming This Spice

In Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine), coriander is often utilized as a remedy for stomach-related illnesses. It is undoubtedly a powerhouse seed, and frequent usage of it can provide a variety of positive effects on health. Here are some of the essential benefits of including coriander in your diet on a regular basis.

1. Rich in antioxidants

You may have known that some essential spices are loaded with antioxidants. These, of course, include coriander. The antioxidant properties in these brown seeds can protect body cells from the negative impacts of free radicals. Several studies have proven how its antioxidants can reduce inflammation in the body.

Animal and test-tube studies suggested that these compounds, which also include tocopherols and quercetin, may have immune-boosting, neuroprotective, and anticancer properties. Other health benefits of coriander due to its high antioxidants include the reduced growth of colon, breast, and prostate cancer cells.

2. May lower blood glucose levels

High blood sugar levels are a risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes. Coriander oils, extract, and seeds may have the required properties to lower blood sugar. In actuality, various studies have advised people on diabetes medication to consume coriander for its effectiveness in reducing high blood sugar.

Animal studies published in ScienceDirect found that these tiny aromatic seeds lower blood glucose levels by stimulating the activation of enzymes that aid in cleansing the bloodstream from sugar. Another study also showed that coriander extract increased insulin in diabetic rats.

3. Improve heart health

Heart diseases are severe conditions; the good news is that they can be prevented by adding coriander to a balanced diet. This is primarily due to the diuretic properties of coriander that can help remove excess water and sodium from the body. This results in a stable blood pressure.

One animal study further provides the benefits of coriander, which significantly decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. It doesn’t only end there; many people have proven that adding coriander to their daily meals helps them cut back on their salt intake, which may be beneficial for their heart health.

4. Enhance healthy digestion

Oil produced from coriander has been used as a stimulant to accelerate the digestion process since ancient Persian times. The oil extracts may promote the liver activity in generating and releasing bile acids which are crucial in absorption and digestion. 

An 8-week human study involving 32 participants with bowel conditions found that they had a significant decrease in abdominal pain, discomfort, and bloating after consuming 30 drops of a herbal remedy containing coriander extracts thrice a day. 

5. Boost metabolism

This health property is still related to the above benefit of consuming coriander. Active compounds in these aromatic seeds help improve digestion which further affects metabolism in the body. As you know, high metabolism is an essential key in a weight loss program.

To obtain the most benefits of coriander seeds for weight loss, it’s advised to consume them like water. You just need to boil coriander and let it soak for around 3 hours before drinking the water at least twice a day.

6. Provide skin protection

Coriander may also be helpful for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis and other mild illnesses. The extract of coriander alone failed to provide a remedy for infants with diaper rash. However, when combined with other comforting substances, it works the other way around.

What’s more, the antioxidant properties in coriander may help in preventing skin cell damage that can cause skin aging and other skin conditions caused by ultraviolet radiation. Some people even used to use cilantro (coriander leaf) juice to treat acne, oiliness, dryness, or pigmentation.

7. May help fight infections

Antimicrobial compounds in coriander may help fight against infections caused by bacteria. Dodecenal, one of the said compounds, may combat the spread of life-threatening bacteria in the body like Salmonella.

Other benefits of coriander in this matter include fighting bacteria that often cause urinary tract infections, as shown in a test-tube study. Furthermore, coriander has the potential to be an effective ingredient in antibacterial treatments because of its ability to combat infections.

coriander seeds and ground

How to Use Coriander for Health Benefits

Now that you have known the various health benefits coriander has, it’s time to incorporate it into your daily diet. If you have never directly used coriander seed in any of your cooking before, perhaps you are wondering how.  

First and foremost, you will need to purchase coriander seeds or ground coriander. It’s highly advisable not to purchase the powder one because its flavor will lose quickly. You can buy the spice from your local grocery store.

To enjoy the uses of ground coriander, you ought to prepare them in prior. Dry the seeds by pan-frying them without oil over medium heat. When you start smelling a warm aroma, you will know the seeds are ready. That’s the cue for you to transfer them to another place and let them cool.

You can enjoy the following coriander uses:

  • Use the seeds for flavoring soups or broths.
  • Add the seeds to pickled vegetables and baked goods, or use them as rubs.
  • Drink them as water by first soaking one tablespoon of the seeds. This is usually used for a weight loss diet, so you will have to regularly drink them to get optimal results.

Coriander comes in handy for your daily cooking. The distinct flavor and aroma this spice offers are hard to replace with others. 

Final Thoughts

Coriander is an aromatic spice that is both rich in culinary uses and health properties. It may aid in fighting infections and promoting digestive, heart, and skin health. You can simply add spice to your daily meals to start enjoying the benefits of coriander. Do keep in mind to always purchase the seed form to get the most of its uses. Head to Spices and Co. to find them.



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