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How Garlic Benefits Your Health, Mind, and Beauty

Benefits of garlic range from improving immunity to reducing dandruff problems. Here are the benefits and how you can get the best garlic quality.

Garlic has been known for its notable flavor, aroma, and uses for traditional or home medicines. The benefits of garlic come from its potent active compounds, which many cultures have acknowledged since ancient times. Learn what benefits garlic offers and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

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Beneficial Components in Garlic 

The health benefits of garlic mostly come from sulfur compounds, which also give it its iconic aroma. Once consumed, the sulfur compounds are absorbed in your guts, and the health benefits slowly spread.

Garlic also has potent antioxidant compounds, which can significantly affect your health. There are also other nutritional compounds such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, and manganese. However, they only appear in small amounts.

Many home remedies and traditional medications mix garlic with other ingredients to get extra benefits. For example, the benefits of garlic and honey come from combined antioxidants and their anti-inflammatory benefits. Garlic can also be consumed with ginger

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Health Benefits of Garlic

What are the health benefits of garlic you can get from regular consumption? Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Boosting the Immune System

Garlic is commonly known as a natural immune booster. It is often added to food, consumed raw, mixed with other ingredients, and consumed regularly. The increased immune system can help reduce the chance of experiencing common illnesses, such as common cold and flu—a perfect addition to your daily intake of meals or supplements, especially during the winter or rainy season.

2. Reducing Blood Pressure

People with hypertension can get health benefits from regular garlic consumption. The active compounds may reduce blood pressure after several weeks. However, the amount of garlic consumption should be equivalent to three to four cloves per day to get the desired results.

3. Increasing Male Fertility

The benefits of garlic for men come from the potent antioxidants. They help improve blood circulation, reducing erectile dysfunction risk, especially among older men. Garlic may also boost sperm production, especially when it decreases due to chemotherapy and stress. However, men still need to eat healthily and develop an active lifestyle along with garlic consumption to get the best results.

4. Reducing Cholesterol Level

Garlic is popular as an ingredient in a healthy diet to reduce cholesterol. Active compounds and antioxidants in garlic reduce cholesterol production by the liver. It means a lower risk of clogging the blood veins. Lower cholesterol also means better cardiovascular health and a reduced risk of coronary heart disease.

5. Reducing Joint Pain

Arthritic pain happens when inflammations arise in the joints. Garlic has anti-inflammatory qualities that may work in reducing joint inflammation. 

6. Reducing Blood Clot Risks

Blood clotting can cause stroke and heart attack, but you can reduce the risk with garlic, thanks to the blood-thinning effect. Aside from consuming garlic, you can benefit from taking a garlic supplement.

7. Improving Hair and Skin Condition

Garlic antioxidants and active compounds can reduce the risk of acne. They also improve the condition of your hair and reduce dandruff problems with topical use.

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Simple Ways to Use Garlic

If you want to consume garlic for your health, going fresh is the best way. While garlic powder still contains the aroma and flavor of fresh garlic, the health benefits are greatly reduced because of the processing. You can chop, grate, sear, roast, pound, and process fresh garlic cloves to add flavor to any food. 

If you aim for more potent health benefits, there are several ways to consume garlic. Here are some examples:

ginger and garlic tea

Brewing Ginger and Garlic Tea

The benefits of ginger and garlic combine the best qualities of both ingredients, such as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidants. Brewing ginger and garlic as tea can help improve immunity, digestion, and weight loss. Peel half garlic put it in a cup, and add a teaspoon of crushed garlic. Pour hot water and let it steep for five minutes. Add some honey if you want extra sweetness.

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Eating Garlic with Wheat Bread and Avocado

Wheat bread, avocado, and garlic are great for breakfast if you are trying to eat healthily or lose weight. The minimum preparation allows you to get the best health benefits. You can spread the avocado on the wheat bread and shave fresh cloves of garlic on top of it. The creamy avocado will reduce the pungency of the garlic and provide your body with a healthy fat.

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Turning Garlic into Vinegar

Garlic vinegar is great for improving digestion and reducing heartburn and sore throat risks. You can make garlic vinegar with distilled white malt or wine vinegar. Peel and halve 10 garlic cloves. Place them in a jar with a tight lid alongside 570 ml of vinegar. Cover the jar tightly and place it in a warm spot under direct sunlight for three to four weeks. Make sure to shake the jar occasionally every day. After three to four weeks, pour the vinegar through the muslin fabric into a sterilized jar with a tight lid.

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Making Garlic Milk

Warm milk with garlic and spices can improve immunity, reduce constipation, and keep your circulation system healthy. Boil milk with low heat until it bubbles a little. Turn off the heat and add three cloves of garlic, half a teaspoon turmeric powder, and a pinch of black pepper. Boil the milk again while stirring all the ingredients. Consume the milk daily.

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Making Dandruff Tonic

Create a homemade tonic for dandruff by crushing several cloves of garlic before boiling them in water. Strain the result and apply it to your scalp. Let it sits for five minutes before washing hair as usual.

Make sure you don’t consume garlic excessively. Aside from the “garlic breath” case, excessive consumption can cause heartburn and bleeding risks. Garlic is especially forbidden for those who have hemophilia or are about to experience surgery.

Since fresh garlic is the best option to get the health benefits, you need to buy only the highest-quality garlic. For example, Spices and Co. is a premium Indonesian spices supplier. You can order from their catalog to get the best spices, including garlic.
The health benefits of garlic range from antioxidants to reducing inflammation and blood clotting. Contact Spices and Co. now to get the best garlic and start consuming it regularly for your vitality.


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