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Amazing Nutmeg Benefits for Women’s Health and Beauty

From improving cardiovascular health to keeping the scalp healthy, the benefits of nutmeg for women are something to behold. Here is everything you must know.

Indonesia is home to some of the most important spices; one of them is nutmeg. The benefits of nutmeg have been acknowledged since ancient times, especially for women. From general health to beauty, nutmeg is a great addition to sweet and savory dishes.

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What is Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is a spice that comes from the seed of the nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrant), commonly consumed as nutmeg powder. Nutmeg seeds are dried for six to eight weeks under the sun until the kernels rattle in the shells to get the powder. Their outer coats are separated to make another type of spice (mace), while the dried naked kernels are ground up.

Nutmeg has a distinctive aroma and flavor. It is fragrant in a nutty way, and the flavor is a little intense but not as strong as mace. Nutmeg adds a wonderful subtle warmth to dishes and beverages, making it a popular autumnal spice. 

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Active Components in Nutmeg

The health benefits of nutmeg come from its rich antioxidant compounds. Nutmeg contains phenolic compounds, natural pigments like cyanidins, and essential oils that contribute to the flavor and aroma. The rich antioxidants can repair some cellular damage, which happens when you are stressed.

Nutmeg is also known for its anti-inflammation effect, thanks to compounds such as pinene, sabinene, and terpineol. And while further research is needed, nutmeg may contain antibacterial properties.

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Benefits of Nutmeg for Women

Nutmeg benefits for females range from cardiovascular health to healthier hair and skin. Here are some examples:

1. Reducing Free Radical Effects

Rich antioxidants in nutmeg can reduce free radical effects, such as stress and pollution. They help repair cellular damage and ensure your immune system is in top condition. In the long run, this helps reduce the risk of chronic illness.

2. Improving Oral Health

Nutmeg has antibacterial effects that can help with oral problems, such as bad breath and gum inflammation. Nutmeg antibacterial compounds are known for obstructing the works of oral bacteria such as Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans and Streptococcus mutans. In the long run, active compounds in nutmeg can also reduce the risk of cavities.

3. Improving Women’s Sexuality

The benefits of nutmeg sexually are recorded in Indian Ayurveda medicines. Nutmeg’s active compounds can improve the circulatory system and reduce anxiety, contributing to sexual drive. It also helps reduce hormonal imbalance that affects the works of reproductive organs.

4. Improving Cardiovascular Health

Nutmeg contains active compounds that reduce the level of triglyceride levels. It can contribute to cardiovascular health and reduce coronary heart disease risk. However, this result can only be seen from regular consumption with a specific dosage, such as nutmeg supplements.

5. Improving Digestive Function

Nutmeg may improve digestive function and reduce problems such as bloating and diarrhea. Better digestive function also means better health and a more successful weight loss journey. 

6. Reducing Inflammation

Various health problems can be caused by inflammation. Nutmegs have anti-inflammation properties that can reduce the risks of such conditions, like arthritic pain. Anti-inflammation properties also help with a healthy weight loss journey.

7. Improving Skin Condition

The benefits of nutmeg on skin come from its antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties. Nutmeg powder is a good ingredient for clearer, healthier skin, especially if you turn it into a facial scrub. The active compounds are great for unclogging the pores.

8. Improving Mood and Making you Relaxed

Recent studies found mild antidepressant effects in active compounds found in nutmeg extract. Adding nutmeg to warm beverages may also give a relaxation effect, a perfect mix for your favorite warm, comfort drinks.

9. Making Hair Healthier

Nutmeg’s antibacterial effects are great for keeping the scalp condition healthy and encouraging healthier hair. A healthy scalp also allows your hair to grow more abundantly. Nutmeg can also work against dandruff problems.

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Best Ways to Use Nutmeg

Avoid consuming too much nutmeg. Two teaspoons or about 5 grams of nutmeg powder are enough to cause symptoms of toxicity, such as nausea, agitation, vomiting, and hallucination. Some creative ways to add just a little extra nutmeg into your diet include:

➡️ Adding Nutmeg to Warm Drinks

Nutmeg powder is a favorite autumnal spice for warm beverages. The nutty flavor goes great with coffee, latte, hot chocolate, tea, and chai. For a healthy alternative or drink before bed, sprinkle a small amount of nutmeg powder into warm, low-fat milk and stir.

➡️ Adding Nutmeg to Breakfast Meals

Nutmeg is a good addition to breakfast. The unique aroma and nutty flavor will improve even the smallest breakfast food. For example, you can sprinkle nutmeg powder on wheat toast, cereal, oatmeal porridge, and fruit slices.

➡️ Mixing Nutmeg with Baked Goods

Nutmeg’s nutty flavor profile makes it perfect for baked goods. Sprinkling a little nutmeg powder into bread, cookies, pies, and pastries can improve their flavor profile. Nutmeg is also great for any autumnal desserts.

➡️ Season Vegetables with Nutmeg

Want to add more vegetables to your diet? You can sprinkle some nutmeg powder to improve their flavor. Roasted vegetables like cauliflowers, asparagus, eggplants, and pumpkins are great with nutmeg. You can add nutmeg to baked, roasted, mashed, and fried sweet potatoes.

➡️ Nutmeg with Asian Recipes

As a popular Indonesian spice, nutmeg is heavily featured in Southeast Asia and Indian cuisines. You can try recipes from those regions to get nutmeg benefits in delicious ways. Recipes like semur ayam (broiled chicken), opor (coconut milk-based stew), Indonesian-style beef or rib soup, Indian curry, chicken tikka masala, and chai use nutmeg to improve their flavors.

➡️ Gentle Facial Scrub

Clean your face thoroughly with a homemade facial scrub. With two tablespoons of pure milk and two tablespoons of nutmeg powder, create a thick, slightly rough paste. Scrub your face gently using circular motions before washing it with warm water.

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