Black Pepper

Black pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, known as a peppercorn, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. The fruit is a drupe which is about 5 mm in diameter, dark red, and contains a stone which encloses a single pepper seed.


Pepper is a spice that is in high demand in the world. The countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and India are all part of the International Pepper Community, which is a group of pepper manufacturers. Among the black pepper commodities, the Indonesian black pepper reigns supreme on the global market, with black pepper from Lampung as the most well-known. It has, in fact, received the moniker Lampung Black Pepper. Thus, buying black pepper from Indonesia is a good choice.

Black pepper, also known as Piper nigrum, is often used as a spice in a wide variety of classic as well as modern cuisines. As opposed to white pepper, black pepper is produced by drying unripe peppers. When the white pepper is peeled and dried, the black pepper is processed without removing the skin. Therefore, the taste is more robust.

Black Pepper Products

Unlike other spices, pepper has a unique scent and fiery flavor that can’t be imitated. This aromatic scent comes from the pepper plant.

Black pepper is produced through drying. Thus, the drying process is essential, and the procedure, as well as the drying temperature, significantly affect the end product. In the end, this lengthy process will result in high-quality dried black pepper, which later will go through packaging either as whole peppercorns or ground into powder.

Whole black pepper

One of the most popular and widely traded spices in the world is whole black pepper. It is a little inconvenient to use since you have to go through the hassle of grinding the peppercorn before using it as a condiment. However, if you want the authenticity of a taste, whole black pepper is the better choice.

Since the peppercorns are dried without removing the skin, the unpeeled skin becomes a protective layer that keeps the rawness of the taste. Thanks to this protective layer, whole black pepper will also last longer in storage.

Black pepper powder

Black pepper powder is usually added to braised foods, meat buns, casseroles, patties, and condiments to give a spicy taste. Black pepper in powdered form is produced by grinding the pepper before it is packed. This provides convenience for the consumers since it is easy to use. Powdered pepper surely saves you from the hassle of grinding the peppercorns either manually or with tools.

However, the whole process from drying, grinding, packaging, and then storing the powdered pepper might affect the quality, be it the taste, powder consistency, or durability. So, if you are looking for black pepper of the highest quality, be sure to get them from the best black pepper supplier, which ensures the best possible manufacture, storage, and shipping processes.

As mentioned earlier, one of the Asian nations that produce the highest-quality spices is Indonesia. Spices from this tropical country have a strong and authentic taste like no other. Our recommendation is Lampung black pepper, which tastes and smells spicier than other varieties and has a good name in both domestic and international markets. If you are looking for a spices supplier Indonesia, Spice and Co can help you find the best black pepper products, both whole and powdered peppercorns.


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