What is white cardamom? White Cardamom or Java Cardamom, also known as Amomum compactum, is a type of cardamom that is commonly used as a spice (seasoning) for various dishes and herbal mixtures. Amomum compactum is a native plant of Indonesia, particularly in the hilly areas of western Java. This round capsule contains many small seeds protected by a whitish coating. Cardamom has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial properties.


The Queen of spices, that’s how Cardamom is known worldwide. With Guatemala, Indonesia, and India as the largest cardamom suppliers, we’re ready to introduce you to one of the spices from the Zingiberaceae family that has captured worldwide hearts with its particular benefits for food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries.

Species of Cardamom

Cardamom from Indonesia is dominated by the local Cardamom from the genus Amomum. The local Cardamom from Indonesia seeds has three types:

  • The white seed.
  • The tiny red seed.
  • The large red seed (this last one is the most cultivated in Indonesia).

However, the green Cardamom from India (genus Elettaria) also grows in the Archipel.

Local Cardamom

A small and light-rounded physical body of Cardamom from the genus Amomum has a brownish white-color skin with black seed. The Cardamom from Indonesia from the genus Amomum has three types categorized by the fruit’s colors and size. There are white Cardamom, small red Cardamom, and large red Cardamom.

The latest mentioned is the most cultivated in Indonesia in West Java, Central Java, and West Sumatra.

Green Cardamom

Also called Kapol India in the Indonesian language version, the green Cardamom has a longer and a more flat fruit. The skin color is slightly green with black seed. It has a unique, sharp, and fragrant aroma. This type of Cardamom has a more expensive price in the international market.

Overview of Cardamom Suppliers

Cited from Mordor Intelligence, the statistic of 2022 revealed that Guatemala is the major cardamom supplier with 56,4% of export market value shared. The rank was followed by Asian countries where Indonesia shared 12,3 %, the United Arab Emirates for about 8,3 %, and India with 8,2% shares. The rest of the world shares the export market value of 14,7%.

In terms of cultivation in Indonesia, Regional Kompas indicated that the statistic Indonesia (Badan Pusat Statistik) issued a list of 5 largest cardamom suppliers or producers areas in Indonesia in 2021, as follows:

The largest producer area is West Java, with the largest cultivation area of over 27 000 m2. Central Java, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, and East Java go behind West Java.

Ingredients Offerings

Cardamom will bring a new experience for you in making sweet or savory taste dishes or daily to traditional beverages by serving you an exotic fragrant and more flavourful taste.

Cardamom Powder

Finest powder-like granules. Add only a pinch of cardamom powder to a dish like a curry, which will juice up the dish’s taste. You can also bring new flavors by mixing them with tea or coffee.

Dried Cardamom

Dried Cardamom is popular in Indonesia as traditional medicine, for example, to relieve cough. Creating baked good recipes using dried Cardamom is also a great idea to try!

Whole Cardamom

Get a bolder taste to your dish containing poultry, red meat, and rice by pairing them with the whole Cardamom. A pro tip: toast some of the entire cardamoms in a medium-heated pan until the aromatic smell comes before using it.

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